Blender 3.0+ BAM exporter addon

Hi everyone! I’m new to Panda3D but I’m excited to contribute to this awesome engine. Here’s my first contribution.

I’ve created a new Blender (3.x+) addon that adds a .BAM export option. It uses Moguri’s blend2bam tool as a backend. My addon is unrelated to the previous older Blender 2.7x addon that already exists.

Download and installation instructions are on GitHub


This is a really nice addition to the Panda3D ecosystem – thank you for making it! Having already used the exporter myself straight from the GitHub .zip file (installed via Blender add-ons), I can say that the install process is painless, and it is fantastic to see a “Panda3D (.bam)” export option in the Blender Export menu.

There is a known issue on the blend2bam side, where multiple textures connected to the BSDF Principled Node will not be converted. As Moguri explained earlier today:

blend2bam currently expects a single ORM map and cannot leverage the texture packing provided by the glTF exporter. This is mostly due to being originally built for a much older gltf exporter that pre-dates the current one. It’s a long standing todo, and I might have to drop 2.7x support to fix it.

I am personally looking forward to an update to blend2bam which might allow a more regular translation of the BSDF textures. Just want to get ahead of any comments here regarding this being lacking in the “Blender BAM Exporter”.

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Ah, that sounds like an excellent tool to have! Thank you very much for making–and for contributing–this! :slight_smile:

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