Blender 2.78 + MakeHuman --> Panda3D : no animations...

Hi every body !

I am new to Panda3D and I am running into an issue while trying to export animated character in the egg format in order to load it using Panda3D.

The model is exported from MakeHuman in the mhx2 format by the dedicated addons with Pose and Expressions checkboxes checked.
Once imported into Blender 2.78, I am using visemes (in the MHX2 Runtime menu under the properties…) to animate the models as explained in this video tutorial :

And I am exporting the model along with animations with those settings that you can see in the attached picture.

And yet, the animation do not show up when using ‘pview -cl model.egg -a model-action.egg’-like command…
Also, when loaded that way, with the -a option and the animation, the model seems to have been moved since it is no longer being centered correctly…

Do you have any idea to solve those issues please ^^" ?

Best regards

EDIT 1 : It seems that only the visemes are enable to be loaded : indeed the expressions under the expressions menu are able to be loaded under pview and Panda3D script in Python… I have not really tried the Bake Face Animation at the bottom of the viseme menu, is there a peculiar way to use it please ?

EDIT 2 : apparently that Bake Face Animation button is not really making any change… unless I am using it badly…

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I think it may help if you attached the model files.

I have the same problem, but the solution proposed by rdb solve it. Now everthing is working so fine. 8)