Blend2Bam not compatible with blender 4

Blender 2.xx long term support ended in June of this year, so I downloaded Blender 4. After saving blender 2.xx files into new blender 4.0 files, and trying to convert blender 4.0 files using blend2bam, blend2bam crashed without converting the file.

Will blend2bam be updated for blender 3.xx long term support, or blender 4 versions? If blend2bam is updated, will it still support the no longer supported versions of blender (2.xx)?

Actually, this is not true.

blend2bam supports all of the 3.x LTS releases and should support 4.0. I have found and fixed a couple of issues when using 4.0. I plan to publish a new release of blend2bam soon that will include these fixes.