Blend2bam failing to export with textures

I typically use YABEE to export models, however I am now using a pipeline that utilizes blend2bam to help automate some tasks. However, after some issues i’ve discovered that models I attempt to convert using blend2bam never export with their textures.

These same models I know work as others on Linux distributions (I use Windows) are able to export fine with textures with no changes. We all use the same Blender version (3.5.1).

YABEE I know works, and so does directly exporting to glTF, however the resulting bam from blend2bam never comes with textures, however it does have texture attributes. When trying to debug and converting those files to egg using bam2egg I can find the materials but no textures within. The only other person having this issue seems to have found that using a older version of blender fixes the problem but I am likely to get into other issues if I downgrade to blender 2 from 3 with my models so its something I want to avoid.

Most likely you missed the necessary flags.

--textures copy

Should solve your problem, if I understood you correctly.

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Thanks, sadly i’ve already tried all the variations of --textures with no differing results. The others who did the same did it with all the default settings on blend2bam with success, it seems to be a me thing.

Hm… perhaps you assign textures in a different way, and not through the Principled BSDF node.

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Double checked. All of the model uses Principled BSDF for texture application.

Hi there MeasuredMoth,

Yep, there’s an open issue right now Support glTF exporter texture packing · Issue #78 · Moguri/blend2bam · GitHub where blend2bam doesn’t support the Blender 3+ glTF texture packing.

My personal solution is to use gltf2bam instead. So, I export to .gltf from Blender first. This works for everything (actors, models, animations) in my current projects despite being a bit of a workaround.

Now, you mentioned that these textures export on other platforms besides Windows, so this may not be related come to think of it. But worth mentioning in the context I think.


If you are using Windows, then most likely you need to get rid of space characters in the path of saving models.

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Strangely enough this might be something to do with it. Your suggestion to export as gltf and then do gltf2bam works, which at least rules out gltf directly being the issue. Sadly I won’t be able to do it this way as a lot of steps in the pipeline which requires the use of blend2bam.

I double checked and can’t find any space character issues, unless the username having a space would be an issue. But I doubt it since most of the path references I can get to show up in console don’t have any.