blend shapes/ morph targets

Can Panda work with Blend shapes out of Maya? If so is there documentation for this or how would I implement it? Currently I’m getting my two blend shapes and my original shape written from maya into the .egg file, but I’m not sure how to apply the blend.

Also, do any of the sample panda files have anything to do with terrain following?



Well, I can’t claim to know the true answer, since I’ve never done that myself.

But I’ve heard that you should be able to just export the animation (that uses the blend shape), play it in panda, and it should work.

Exactly right. When you create the blend target in Maya, it creates a slider. You can animate that slider in Maya, then export the animation and play it back in Panda (or you can expose the slider via controlJoint() and animate it yourself).

If you are seeing separate geometry come through for the different blend shapes, then you still need to hide or delete the extra blend shape models that remain in Maya after you have created the combined blend target.


Yep, it is that easy. Thanks for the info.

For anyone that’s interested, if you create several blend shapes in Maya, they will not show up as the names you give the sliders. So if you name you blend shape “Blend”, and you have 3 shapes, then the to call the joint and get control over each individual slider you’d call for “Blend.0”, “Blend.1”, &“Blend.2”.

Also, use setX to set the position of the blend slider. Using setY or Z will not work.

Thanks again.