Blend Shape Model

Hello, first time poster here.

I’m learning how to use Maya and Panda3D for a research project, but unfortunately at the moment I do not have access to a non PLE version of Maya.

My goal right now is to become comfortable with animation using panda, and part of the project will involve the heavy use of blendshapes. However without a proper version of Maya, I can’t create a blendshape to experiment with. So if anyone has a spare blendshape model (.mb or .egg) that I could have I would be very grateful.


The file ripple.egg that ships with panda makes use of blend shapes.


Thanks for the tip. Is there an animation that comes along with it? I’m assuming there needs to be for the blend shapes to work properly from reading other threads.

The file ripple.egg is a little unusual in that it includes both its animation channels and its model in the same egg file.


It’s working now, thanks so much!