blackened angels samples

here is a showroom and two video samples of a current personal project called Blackened Angels

Nice work, reminds me of Devil may cry.

The characters look pretty nicely designed, but I think the glows are overpowering the on screen models. Its almost like the emphasis is on the environment rather then the enemies and player models. Maybe thats a stylistic decision though. Maybe tone the glow / environment lighting down 25%?

truly, the overligth is a problem, due the glow shader, i am testing a variety of ligth combos to solve this, time for fine tune on the ligths

there is some of the tests

seems like i must avoid the brigth colored textures for the floor and enviromet and reduce the power of the shadow ligth

Woah, this looks amazing already!

I’d say: level = asian :mrgreen:

Keep it up and keep us up to date!

EDIT: I just fell in love with your hexagonal pattern __

Really Amazing !!!
This Project should be in Panda3d HomePage