Black screen on ctrl+s (win10)?

I recently installed panda3d for python, and now whenever i hit ctrl+s inside visual studio code or save in filemenu(doesn’t matter on what script, even on some empty file), a black window appears in the middle of the screen, that just has the title “Panda”, and then it disappears shortly. This is already kind of getting annoying for me, and i want to fix it. I tried restarting vscode and even rebooting my computer but neither worked.

Hi, welcome to the community!

I’ve not experienced this with VS Code at all. I suspect that some extension may be to blame. If so, we’ll need to figure out which extension is causing it. Perhaps try disabling some Python-related extensions until the problem no longer occurs.

Thank you, I have found out what it is. It was pylance what was casing it, and changing python.testing.unittestEnabled to false in settings of workspace seemed to help. No idea why it started happening only now as I got panda3d