Binding issue


I’m trying to compile code generated by Interrogate on Windows.

It give me a link errors on the _igate file like this one :

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) struct Dtool_PyTypedObject Dtool_vec2_double" (__imp_?Dtool_vec2_double@@3UDtool_PyTypedObject@@A) referenced in function "void * __cdecl Dtool_UpcastInterface_Vertex(struct _object *,struct Dtool_PyTypedObject *)" (?Dtool_UpcastInterface_Vertex@@YAPAXPAU_object@@PAUDtool_PyTypedObject@@@Z)

I’ve linked libp3dtool, libp3dtoolconfig, libpandaexpress, libp3dtool.
Would I have forgotten one ?

Thanks for your help

You haven’t linked libpanda.

Nevermind… the error was on my side. Visual were no really explicit as usual.