\bin directory ?

  1. Make sure the \bin directory inside your panda installation is on your PATH environment variable.

  2. Go into a command prompt and type: ppython

I need help with this please. I tried following the directions for the \bin thing but it couldn’t find the “environment settings”

Manakel posted a nice walkthrough for this:

discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic … light=path

Good luck

what do you mine workspace. I can’t find a “environment settings” in the properties unless i’m clicking on the wrong workspace, that’s possible.

Could someone please help me.

On Windows XP, the tab that Manakel is referring to in the previously referenced post is found in a different location.

Pick “Control Panel” from your Start menu. Then click on “Performance and Maintenance”. Then pick “System”. You are now where Manakel’s post started you out: click the “Advanced” tab and press the “Environment Settings” button, and carry on from there.