Better Input

I love Panda3D, but the keyboard input bugs me!

Is there a better way? (Other then using PyGame…)

what problems do you experience with the keyboard input?
how would you want to see it improved?

Right now I am doing input like this:

To use it I call keyboard.getKey(‘Key’)

This is being a real pain though, as I have to accept an up and down event for every key I want to use.

A much better way would simply be able to call something like


And so forth.

what you refer to is called “polling”,
i think panda supports it on some lower level , at least this page suggests it … InputState .

you may find this helper-class of use:
[key polling)

polling is useful for when the event you poll for occurs a lot. in all other cases events usualy are smarter. so it’s like movement vs all other keypresses.