Best resources to become a Panda3D expert? (Using python)

I know that there is the official documentation, but I feel like it is not very good, are there any other, better resources to learn from?

What level are your current programming skills? In other words, what have you coded so far? What can you code now without step-by-step tutorials? This will help us find a good starting point for you.

What are you currently trying/wanting to do with panda3d? Where are you stuck at?

I am an expert in Python, I don’t want to sound cocky, just being honest. I know a lot of PyWin32 programming, I know some pyglet, and a few GUI libraries, I’d say I know most of the standard Python library, in depth. I am currently learning SymPy, to improve my maths.

I know how to program ‘Hello World’ in Java. I am learning C++.

I know close to nothing about Panda3D.

I don’t know then, I found the manual and api documentation to be quite effective.