Best IDE for Panda3D in Linux

What is the best IDE for Panda3D on Linux?

  • KDE Script
  • Idle
  • Eric
  • Stan
  • Emacs + shell scripting + PandaMode
  • DrPython
  • Pype
  • PyDev (Eclipse)
  • Other (please explain)

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Hello All,

I’m trying to decide wich IDE to use under Linux for dev with Panda3D.

Basically i need basic project management, good code completion and unit tests possibility (integrated or automated).

I plan to integrate it in an Ubuntu Live CD for Panda3D dev.

I would like your input for the best IDE for your under Linux.
with the pro and con of each one (of course)

I use Eric3 extensively for python development. I tend to use multithreading frequently and eric3 has a multithreaded debugger. Eric3 can seem a little overwhelming for newcomers to python or programming due to its many, many options. But the debugger won me over.

I’m just getting started with Panda3d. So far, I’m impressed with its simplicity.

Hi, i’m using eclipse on xubuntu.
I’m also trying to build a live cd, but panda’s crashing (“illegal operation”).
I know it’s an old topic, but if you have an iso, i’m very interested …

I use Sublime Text 2. There is a thread here on the forums on how to set it up with code completion for Panda3d