BE3D Team, custom 3D service

In order to establish a long cooperation, we can follow your request, creating example models,etc. to ensure the quality of your.

Please provide us with the following info to enable us respond appropriately to your request:
1.A reference photo/image/sketch/artwork of what you want?
2.Do you want it in low poly or high poly/ high resolution?
3.What file format do you need it in (for example, 3dsmax,fbx, maya, etc)?
4.What is you budget (that is, how much do you have available for this project)?

a simple, well-referenced model can often be completed for as little as $100. More complex models can cost about $1,000+.

Please EMAIL to contact me.
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Additional Information:
Custom 3d, Because of the different artists, different costs, $10/hour, $20/day, or higher or low.

Cases: Ordinary Custom 3D Character, 2000-4000 tris, Custom texture size, Cost 100 - 300, 2-4 days Working.
If you need AAA quality, coordination and provision of information is necessary.
buy models, cost saving 40%-60%. turbosquid or other online model shop.

  • To solve these problems
    Cooperation requires trust, I will not ask you to pay any fees ( Premise : This is just a test model, if you need AAA model, I certainly do not accept.)
    You select photo/image/sketch/artwork, Waiting for the artist to complete , do you think no problem, we began to cooperate.

Example work…3 days

Example work

Sample characters, June 2011.

update characters, June 2011.
Sale of single character ( not include animations ), If you need buy or custom animations, Please contact: