Basics steps in developing a good game.

hi guys please suggest some basic steps that we have to follow while designing a good game.
steps like
concept development
design etc…

You shouldn’t expect a precise answer for this question. It’s a big topic, and there aren’t forum posts that could cover that.

So, the first step, before starting, is to read an introductory book which explains you these steps.

The second aspect is that there isn’t a single answer. A game is like other kinds of projects, but with a bigger need for iteration.

For example, you could dive into Agile methodologies, and follow them. You’ll find your answers there.

Ah, you were spoken about “good” game. No methodologies will assure a good game, they “only” reduce the likelihood of the “wreck” event.

Yeah, is a very big topic xD.
Maybe it can help, but i have never saw a step by step guide: … -free.html