basic question on lights in C++


Just to understand :

(1) Is there a per default ambient light allready activated even prior setting up any light source?
The reason I’m asking is that I purposely killed all my light sources (directional and ambient) and the objects are still visible!? I would have expected to see a black screen…

(2) what’s the use of

void set_lighting(bool enable);

How does it interfere with


Isn’t the latter enough to light a node and its sons?

Thanks for your … lighting on this basic subject


(1) When there are no lights, lighting is disabled. This means that you’ll see the scene as if it had a white ambient light.

(2) I believe that set_lighting sets up a default set of lights, which is (I think) an ambient light and a directional light. This is used by pview so that one can quickly see the effects of lighting on a model.

set_light is the interface that allows you to set your own lights instead of the ones that Panda sets in set_lighting.

If you use set_light, you should not use set_lighting!

thanks rdb,

Got it: I’ll get rid of set_lighting then.