Basic question about vector (Vec3 (x,y,z))


This my first project using Panda 3D, so I have some basic questions…

I see some code using a method called Vec3 and I like to know more informations about that, even basic stuff ^^ …

So far, I know that pick-up all tree coordinates at same time, but nothing beyond that.

Ps. I see a sample where you used a function,
dir =, so what is that??? there is any relationship whit vectors???

Best regards, Patrick.

Hi, welcome!

Have you seen the API reference? It explains a lot about a Vec3 and its interfaces. A similar page on Mat4 explains the getRow3() call.


also note that messing with matrices usualy is NOT neccessary. panda provides convenient ways to do your programming without matrices or matrix-math.

Wowww… very fast reply ^^ thanks dude!!

Well, I already ready that … the question is, I don´t really know for what I use it… Its like a storage or what??By now, the API reference is not very clear for me …

Anyway, matrices?? matrix-math?? wooowww… Now I am lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Think I need something more noobish, some basis fundamentals, so I can decide if I can use in my codes.

Something like, its for cooking pandas … :stuck_out_tongue:

But, thanks again… :stuck_out_tongue:

Roaming Ralph really uses a complex way to move forward. The easy way is:

self.ralph.setY(self.ralph, speed)

(In the upcoming release, the sample will be corrected.)