Bam to Egg

Hey I’m not a programer by any means, so please excuse my ignorance. But I was wondering if someone could show me how to convert a Bam file to an Egg file. And then Egg to a obj file. I’ve looked around and found guides on how to convert Egg to Bam but not Bam to Egg. I want to do this because I want to make an animation from some of Disney POTCO’s model files which are in the Bam format.

It’s not all that simple.

The bam file format is version dependent, and Pirates used an old version of Panda3D afaik. Bam wasn’t meant to be convertible back to egg in the first place and the bam2egg tools in the current release (1.8.1) can’t even handle animations, but newer (devel?) versions of the SDK could do that… if they can read the old bam files (and I’m not sure if they can). The next problem is egg->obj, obj can’t handle bones/joint nor animations so the lack of a egg2obj program is not that big of a problem. You can use egg2x.exe once you have a egg file to convert it to a .x file.

Thanks for the reply! I’m not worried about the animations I just want the models converted over. So if I’m understanding correctly I may or may not need the version of panda3d that the bam files were written in? If I do end up needing an older version would there be a way of finding out what version it was?

After I have that sorted out above, the page linked below is how to convert Egg to Bam. Would I just replace the egg2bam with bam2egg? … Egg_to_Bam

As for Egg to .x file that would be fine my main problem is figuring out the Bam2Egg.