BAM model from Blender lose its original color

I transform a .blend model to .bam model using blend2bam.
However, the rendered object is completely black.
I am wondering which part goes wrong?

According to the part in the manual: ‘Why do my colors look different in Panda3D’ (/model-export/converting-from-blender), I have set these configs:

loadPrcFileData(“”, “framebuffer-srgb True”)
loadPrcFileData(“”, “bam-texture-mode F_srgb”)

But it still doesn’t work.

This is because blend2bam (due to going through glTF) defaults to PBR materials when converting 2.80+ files. Either use something like panda3d-simplepbr to get a PBR auto-shader replacement, or force blend2bam to export legacy materials with:

blend2bam --material-mode legacy input.blend output.bam

If you do not want to deal with linear vs sRGB color space thing, you can add the --no-srgb flag as well.