.bam Files

Dose anny one know how to open a .bam file from toontown on Panda3D i extracted every thing from the file and i tried to open it but it came up with a greay screen can you help my please?

NOTE: I just want to view it but if there is a way i can edit it please can u post it here! :laughing:

you should read the toontown license and check if you are allowed to edit those files at all. my guess would be you arent allowed to do so. for fiewing. well i dunno.
keep in mind that bam files are bound to a certian version of panda so a file created with 1.3.0 cant be opened with 1.4.1 and the other way round. panda provides basic tools to convert them back to egg files which are version compatible. !!but be sure to NOT break laws when messing with commercial or non-free models!!

i have no idea if it’s possible to view those files. but if you can and if you are not prohibited to do so. then have a look at bam2egg . and keep your hand’s off it if you arent allowed.

ok but am i alloud to i just look at them and get a idea if what i can do i want to make a game like toontown but really really different and whats that thing about bam2egg can u tell me more? And do you know
what verson toontown used?And i want to edit it in a way that makes it different then toontowns like make the wals a different colour or something like that!

OK dude if you make a model that looks like their model and make the wall a different color that would be considered derivative work and will be illegal (unless the grant you the right in license) - now you are telling me that they would just EDIT it thats not even nice.

You should try to make your own models its not that hard. No even %1 AS hard as making a strip down toontown clone!

OK DUDE, i dont even know how to start panda 3d ok i dont even know how to code can u help me with this?

And anny way arent you alloud to just edit stuff for your one reference anny way?

  • he summed it up quite nicely

Donno if you can do the conversion from BAM to EGG (and guessing to MAYA or something), but if you really are determined to ‘look at’ the models - i suppose you can use pview
*edit panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Previ … s_in_Pview. (Link doesnt work, go to Manual->Panda Tools,Previewing_3D_Models_in_Pview on this website)
Still not sure if this works with conflicting versions of panda.

Best way to view the toontown stuff imo is to play it :slight_smile: (i believe they have free trials) play.toontown.com/.

i all ready play it but it dosent give me enough info i want to make a really good game nothing crapy! :frowning: and that link dosent work :frowning:

We can all relate to that, but you need to understand that making a really good game is a HUGE amount of work. If you want to actually get a game done, you have to think small - very small. This is a mistake that almost all indies make.

Don’t even think about making a MMORPG. Almost everyone thinks they’re going to make the next WoW, but as I understand it a MMORPG is pretty much the hardest game you could possibly make. And there is no way Disney would allow you to take ToonTown, modify the textures on their models, and distribute it as your own game.

ok thx

You can dig in and learn Panda3d and make your own kewl things, or you can use a easier engine where its all point and click…some exist but they aren’t free.

Panda3d is worth the digging in the end, and you’ll learn alot. It just takes patience and work :wink:

Good luck.