Badge Blaster 2112 (Pyweek 31)

Our submission for pyweek 31 made with panda3d, Badge Blaster 2112.
The theme was “cops” so we made a driving shmup where you shoot at cop cars. It’s surprisingly addictive and it has an online highscore table so go get your initials on there already, silly!

With we I mean @tcdude , @rdb, @Fireclaw and myself.

Here’s a video: Badge Blaster 2112 - Trailer - YouTube


Nice from a visual point of view.

However, the topic is strange, shooting at police officers is not a good idea. There is not enough logic, because they are just people. However, if we assume that these are robots, replicants, and others. The idea that they went mad can be believed.

By that logic we should never kill anyone in games.

The fact is that you presented it as a kind of corporation. With such success, you can also shoot postmen.

The only reason you’re shooting at cops is because the theme of the challenge was given to be “Cops”. We did not choose that.

But, no worries, they’re evil cops from an alternate future! No real cops were harmed in the making of this game.

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While true they are evil cops from a dark future world (hence the number in the title) it shouldn’t even matter. “The idea that they went mad can be believed.” makes it sound like killing mad people would suddenly make it OK which it also isn’t. Mad people are just people too (I should know, I’m one of them). Killing people is wrong, duh, but this is a game so we can kill whoever and however we polease.

(my opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions of my team-mates)

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I would rename the game to Antifa Simulator 2112 and it makes perfect sense why you are driving around killing cops. lol

I do think our game is spot on and fitting for the theme… I’m actually a lot more appalled by the fact that there were multiple entries in PyWeek where cops are reduced to doughnut eating idiots instead! How dare they reduce a group of great civil servants to a stereotype :exploding_head:

Anyways, I do share the sentiment expressed by @janEntikan here and advocate for people not playing a “bullet hell” game, if they are easily triggered by the fact that you can shoot someone in such a bullet hell game, no matter what the virtual job is in the simulated world they are being shot at in!

Our world is already filled with too many trigger warnings and safe spaces to protect people from stuff they shouldn’t be protected from in the first place IMHO. Controversy has to have its place and has helped to advance our civilization in the past and present. When we loose the ability to create controversial content, I sincerely do not want to be a part of this world anymore!