Bad performance

I have a little problem with performance on my machine.
Even the sample programs from panda3d runs aprox. on 20FPS witch i found kind of low.
I’m using Ubuntu 13.04, panda 1.8.1. My GPU is nVidia GeForce 630 and CPU is some intel’s sandy bridge. Other 3d applications and games runs normally (meant fast).
Any suggestions where could be problem?

Perhaps your system is configured to use your internal graphics chip? Could you go to the NVIDIA driver panel and force it to use your NVIDIA card and see if that works?

The Nvidia driver panel in Linux has no option about forcing the discrete graphics. If it is a hybrid system: do you have bumblebee installed or do you use the Nvidia-only way with driver nvidia-319 (or newer)?

If you don’t know about that, the output of

lspci -v | perl -ne '/VGA/../^$/ and /VGA|Kern/ and print' 

would help.

Thanks for replies.
I have Optimus on my machine and it’s working fine.
But thats not the point. When I came home from the work (and rebooted) everything seems to be ok. FPS is around 60 which is refresh rate of my monitor. I really dunno what happened maybe 8hours of coding/testing was just too much…
Thanks again and sorry that I didn’t rebooted earlier. :unamused: