backwarding with pandaAI


I got a little trouble with pandaAI.
I am just testing pathToFollow, and my model is going backward, and not forward.

Is it a parameter to say which orientation is my model?

thank you


Instead of passing your model to pandaAI, you can create a ‘fake’ model that has yours undernearth:

...load mymodel...

myFakeModel = NodePath('my-fake-model') #Create a fake node
myFakeModel.reparentTo(render) #attach the fake node to render
mymodel.reparentTo(myFakeModel) #put our model under the fake node, instead of putting it under render
mymodel.setH(180) #rotate our model around, so it's facing the right direction (end goal)

...give myFakeModel to panda ai instead of mymodel...

Hope this helps,