Axonometric view

Is it possible in Panda to have a axonometric view like in the 3DSMAX?

Can you clarify what you mean here? I’m not familiar enough with Max, and I’ve heard the term “axonometric” used to mean several different things.

I belive it’s that effect where you have 4 views: front, top, left, and rendered. :wink:

So then it comes down to what you mean by “Panda”. As a rendering engine, Panda doesn’t impose any constraints on the kinds of cameras you can have; so it is certainly possible to divide your window into four displays, for front, top, left, and rendered; but Panda is not itself a modeling package and doesn’t do this sort of thing for you automatically.

But you can build a modeling package with Panda that does, if that’s what you want. For instance, I believe the SceneEditor that ships with the panda distribution has this sort of display mode by default.