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I pm’d groove the info but looking to do later this week, thursday, friday or sunday I’m waiting on some RA UR mudflaps as well and figured I could do them all at once Can’t do Saturday unless after

I recommend making A an individual node reparented to render, and reparenting the camera to A (with an offset of course).

Then, you can set the position and orientation of A like this every frame:

A.setPos((P1.getPos(render) + P2.getPos(render)) * 0.5)

A’s orientation will actually be 90 degrees off, but you can compensate for that in the camera’s offset position.

clever. learning alot from just reading :smiley:

Hello pro-rsoft.
Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I just find some bug in my program (about shader).
That make me must put a camera reparentTo(render).

Is there any way to position the camera like it reparentTo(‘A’) ?
but dont want to use method reparenTo() .

Please help. :confused:


Well, by repositioning it every frame, yes. But what’s wrong with reparentTo(A) ?

Yes, I will put it in task.

I find some solution of rotate camera around something in Roaming Ralph.
        camright =
        if (self.keyMap["cam-left"]!=0):
   - camright*(elapsed*20))
        if (self.keyMap["cam-right"]!=0):
   + camright*(elapsed*20))

But I have no idea how to find method or solution to position the camera
that move sync with 2 player’s movment as my picture above.

Please give me some advise.
Thank you.

PS. I have water shader from netural demo showcase in my application.
When I attach camera to something, the reflection will show incorrect.

Ah. Now that is a different problem. When you update the reflection camera’s position, use instead of Then you can reparent your camera to anything you want.


Thank you very much pro-rsoft.
This is the point I’m missing. :astonished: