Awesomageddon (A First Person Shooter)

I’ve been working on a networked FPS for a bit. I made a short demo ( . I’ll use this thread to post updates as I make them.

Remove the period from the Development Log link.

Hey looks pretty awesome keep up the good work!

P.S. The URL redirects me to
Probably something wrong with your configuration or something.

EDIT: Sorry about the whole accidental double post, and thank you for the fixed link :slight_smile:

Looks good, and congratulations!

It’s exciting!!

No, the correct url is (the parser considered the final dot as a component of the url).

The FPS during the video was kinda poor at 20…is this just because of the video recording software?

Nice work :stuck_out_tongue: We’re doing the same project it looks like. Yours seem a lot better off than mine atm.

P.S. Nice PD map I saw in one of you vids;) I remember that map all to well when I played with my friends and got my a-dd kick with the laptop gun xD


@hobbit - Yes, the FPS is related to recording the video. It runs at a smooth 60 pretty much all of the time.

@adr - PD? I gather you’re talking about the Goldeneye map, but I can’t put a finger on what the abbreviation stands for.

Also - I’m taking the game in a different direction; more objective based and less of a CS:S clone. I’ve started to work on revamping the HUD. This is more or less what it will look like (The timers in the upper right are going to be smaller).

Another update:

  • Objects that react to being shot
  • Objects that can be ‘used’
  • Animated textures (the screen on the console)
  • HUD Objective icons (think flag and bomb indicators from Call of Duty)

I watched the Youtube video and would like to know the specs of the PC the game is being played on.


Will you share your source code or not ?

Inspiron i5 Quad Core
Nvidia GTX 460
4 Gig RAM

it’s pretty messy - is there something in particular you wanted to look at?

Well I’m working on a clone of Portal that will be open source and build on panda3D. When I posted this message, I was on the very beginning of the project and was interested by almost every part of your code.

Now I’ve advanced a bit (see the link in my signature) but I’m still interested to see how you handle some things like collision, jumping, gravity…

I added a small video to show the Work In Progress. (Check the link in my signature)

This looks awesome dude, I was considering getting started with an FPS engine for a zombie game, and this is everything I would have wanted for a basic FPS game.

I might even ask you if I can use it at some point.

I know I come in there one year after the fact, but still. How did you get the collision detection and response to work on your first video?

When I use Panda’s native PusherHandler I still slip through corners sometimes. And when I tried using Bullet (total overkill) then its CharacterController was totally bugged. How did you make it work?

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