AVI video quality

I’m loading an AVI and playing back in Panda - but I’ve noticed the quality is pretty degraded. It looks like the number of colors reproduced in the video is way off - namely, I have a gray to white radial gradient over the entire background, but in Panda it looks like a large white oval and very noticeable gray gradient around it.

I was wondering, is this just a restriction of Panda’s ability to process video, or can I change a setting somewhere to get better color reproduction?


Hmm, it might be a factor of the parameters we pass to FFMpeg to decode the video. I don’t think any of these parameters are exposed to the user, though, so it might not be possible to change it without building a custom Panda for yourself.

If you’re comfortable with C++, you’re welcome to investigate the FFMpeg API and determine if there are a better set of parameters to pass for your particular needs.