Avatar creation tutorial

Anyone knows of good tutorials for creating first person and 3rd person avatars? Im looking for tutorials that highlight the most common problems and pitfals with this task like the best way (flexibility, performance) to create the avatar geometric structure, handle colision, trasform key events into movements and view orientation changes, place the camera within the avatar viewpoint, etc

sry cant point you to any turotial…but what you’r looking for are more the basics of 1st/3rd person games.
you might get a better idea about it when you read about how those games are usualy made.
maybe trying to decompile a few halflife models will help you in understanding those things to (or use the modelviewer from the milkshape homepage).
and like always it depends on what sort of game you’r trying to make =)

usualy you build and animate your “geometry” with a 3d-modeller of your choice, export it, and load it into your scene. performance… well try to not use milliongs of triangles… keep it under 4000 per character is a good value for middle-class hardware.
colission… heavily depends on the engine, usualy just a primitive (like a box/sphere/elipsoid) or severals of them.
oh and dont assign more than 4 bones to a single vertice. if you do,only the 4 with the highest value will be taken into account when animating=)

well that’s all there is to it, the rest is either genre specific or doesnt matter on todays hardware=)