AutoShader and Texture Projection[SOVLED]

Is it just me, or are the AutoShader and Texture Projection in an oil and water sort of situation? When I project a texture onto an object that is being handled by the AutoShader, my frame rate gets destroyed, dropping from 60+ (don’t know exactly, it’s limited to 60) to around 14. I call setShaderOff() on the model that’s getting texture projected, and all is well.

I’m guessing that this results from the AutoShader processing the texture stage being used for the textured projection, and something in that mix is causing this murderous slow down. So I’m wondering if I can set the AutoShader to ignore a particular texture stage on a model?

No, this happens due to the RenderState changing every frame (because the direction of projection is changing every frame). Due to a design flaw in the auto-shader, this forces the shader to be (needlessly) recompiled every frame.

But, we’ve recently committed a workaround to this design flaw, so you should not see this problem in Panda3D 1.8.0.


This is great news :smiley:

That is good news, and thanks for the explanation.