Augmented Reality System Development

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to post this video of an AR system I am developing using Panda3D.

Augmented Reality Spatial First Person Shooter (Project Update)

I am using an Ascension Flock of birds to track the user’s head and “gun”. The display is a Vuzix STAR 1200 see-through AR goggle system. When you display black using this display it will be transparent in the displays. My next few weeks will be focused on art and user experience and I will post further videos. I welcome any questions/suggestions.

Augmented Reality First Person Shooter System

Video Description: This augmented reality system is being developed by Chauncey Frend at Indiana University for the School of Informatics Media Arts and Science graduate program. The system is a concept for a hypothetical theme park attraction called “Stark Industries Presents: Captain America.” Panda3D is the graphics engine being used.

Captain America: Presented by Stark Industries (Disney ImagiNations 2012 Submission)

Video Description
[i]This video is an overview of a design and development project called “Captain America: Presented by Stark Industries”. The project was created by 4 college students at Indiana University’s School of Informatics Media Arts and Science program.

More Information at:[/i]

Here is a 30 second video of the Panda3D driven AR FPS system in action.

Augmented Reality First Person Shooter System (Action Video)