audio visualization with Panda3D?

There are several 2d and 3d tools, including Blender3D, which allow audio visualization.
Blender lets you turn an audio signal into a scale animation of an object, by setting minimum and maximum Hz and few other options. Use different Hz frequencies on different cubes and you have yourself an audio visualizer. But it’s not realtime.

Any way this can be done in Python/Panda? There are some very low-level tutorials out there that require knowledge in “signal processing” that tell you how to convert audio data to values which you can use. I’m wondering if there’s anything higher level that I can use with Panda.

No, the best you can do with Panda is extract the audio data into an array, but you’ll then need to feed that data to an audio processing library (or do your own analysis).

When I asked if there is any way to do it with Python/Panda, I really meant if there is any way to do it with Python, then send the processed data to Panda.
So if you know of any Python audio library that can extract that info from an audio data while hiding the advanced math and physics from the user, let me know.

Try here:

Sorry if this is one of the cases when when what I need is right in front of my eyes and I fail to see it.
I can’t find what I need in the listed audio analyzing libraries. Maybe I don’t know the right term for what I’m searching for.