Attaching to Joint

But in runtime we can attach an objects to the joint. Is there way to do it in the egg file (except assign vertices)?

You may directly place entries within a entry (or any nested within the ). However, this is the same thing as assigning the vertices to the joint with 100% weighting; the vertices will be combined into the common GeomNode.

If your goal is to have a separate node loaded from the egg file that is parented to the joint node, try the config.prc setting:

egg-rigid-geometry 1

This will cause the egg loader to import “rigid” pieces (that is, vertices that are 100% assigned to one joint) by exposing the joint and assigning the rigid geometry to that joint. This is not done by default because it is usually more efficient to create dynamic vertices for the entire mesh, but there are times when this is preferable.


Thanks, I’ll try to implement this in the YABEE.