ATF2PANDA - Standalone Editor.

Hello everyone.

I started using Panda a few months ago, and I really like the engine. But one thing I missed so much, is a level editor. I saw that there are already many projects out there, and a future native implementation for blender … But a few months ago I found this software here:

Autoring Tools Framework, It is a set of official tools developed by sony, for creating their games, was used in titles such as: Last of Us, Uncharted Series, God of War Series, Killzone Series and others. And among its tools, we have a Level Editor. So if on the one hand we have a Level Editor without a Game Engine, and on the other hand we have a Game Engine without Level Editor, I thought, why not put the two to work together? And here is the result! The ATF2PANDA :smiley:

The ATF uses a different coordinate system of the panda, so all that ATF2PANDA does is take the files saved by the ATF and convert them to a coordinate system that we can apply to the panda.


Scene Into ATF

Scene into Panda3D

So far the program has some limitations:

  • Only rotations on the Z and X axes are recognized.
  • Modifications made by the Extension Manipulator tool may not work.

But on the plus side, everything else works, even with this limitation, you can create incredible levels with the tool, and rebuild them easily in the panda. Only thing you need to do, is create a level into ATF, the save it, and put the .lvl file into ATF2PANDA folder, run the converter and be happy. 8)

Binaries (Win32 and Win64 versions):
Source Code:

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