AssertionError: !is_empty() at line 245 of built/include/nod

I keep getting this error whenever I use my own model as the floor. What I’m trying to do is use the floorHandler to make an object walk on terrain without floating upwards when the camera changes direction (it’s in first person). I’ve isolated the problem to the model I’m using because the one that is provided with the tutorial I’m following works flawlessly ([url]Panda3d Collisions made simple] – Intermediate step 1). Any idea of what’s going on? I’ve attached my code in a zip file. (131 KB)

In case you’re still having trouble with this, I took a quick look, and it is your floor model.

		self.floorcollider = plane.find("**/floor_collide")

That line in your code is returning not found (line 43 of I didn’t have enough time before work to look into it anymore, I can take another look around 6 PM EST today if you’re still having troubles.

Yeah, I figured it was the floor model causing the issue. Are there options within YABEE that will fix this issue? Or is there a different way altogether to approach this issue?

Edit: Figured it out, Any pointers on how to use the Physics System?

Edit: Maybe someone should add this to the manual? (if it’s already in there it should be easier to find)