Assert during egg2bam

Hi guys,

I’m having this weird problem when trying to use egg2bam

egg2bam: built/include/mutexPosixImpl.I:54: void MutexPosixImpl::acquire(): Assertion `result == 0’ failed.

It makes the bam file - I can see it through pview, but sometimes can not be opened in my game.

Does someone knows what actually is wrong ?

I’ve just installed Kubuntu 11.10 (64 bit version).
I’m using panda3d1.8_1.8.0~oneiric_amd64.deb, python2.7.2+
I tried with some of the models from samples too, but it gives the same error, so I believe it’s not related to the egg file.

I tried with midnight builds, but the result was the same.

PS. Panda3D is successful installed and I can run the samples.

Could you file a bug report on the bug tracker and provide a model that shows this issue as an attachment, so that we can reproduce the issue? Thanks!

Made a bug report: