asian friends here? can u let DirectEntry receive our words?

when use IME (input method editor) ,the DirectEntry has no response,

and other things are not perfect too (like directpython , a python package of Directx,everything is wonderful but ,its gui can receive CJK words but dont show IME bar even in window mode, crazy) oh my God,are u telling me" free lunches are always not taste good"?

,I hope you can understand my english , help me,thank you!you know it’s a
age of online games ,we cant avoid input Unicode characters to chat-window

The IME works fine for me. I can see its menu, up in the corner of the window, and I can also see the IME text I am forming appear within the DirectEntry itself. I can use the arrow keys to navigate the IME window and the DirectEntry updates in real time.

When I turn off the IME I can type international characters normally.

In what way does it not work for you? Maybe you just need to load the proper font?


OnscreenText() and DirectEntry’s initialText show correctly, but when use IME the DirectEntry can’t receive anything, could you please show me your sourcecode?it 's not a long program, very sorry for occupied your time

from direct.directbase.DirectStart import *
from direct.gui.DirectGui import *
font = loader.loadFont('/c/WINDOWS/Fonts/msmincho.ttc')
e = DirectEntry(pos = (-0.5, 0, -0.2),
                scale = 0.1,
                numLines = 3,
                width = 10,
                relief = DGG.SUNKEN,
                text_font = font)

I am using the Japanese IME, which I installed as an add-on to my U.S. based version of Windows XP. Maybe there’s something different about the Chinese IME, or maybe there’s something different about a Chinese-based version of Windows?


… however, thank you ; It still no response when use IME…

I found u neednt write code like this?to show Chinese it must be contained,

-- coding: gbk -- <—###

i am kuta, u know me. i just find your post. It seems the problem still here. So may any friend give a solution to type Chinese character in Panda? i am waiting the answer too.