Are Portals possible?

Does Panda3d support portals? I was going to use Godot since it has built in IDE but I looked up portals and they have to fake it because Godot doesn’t support Stenciling and custom projection matrices which hasn’t gone anywhere since 17.

googleing I found this:

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Do you mean portals as in portal culling? There’s a sample program for that.

Or do you mean portals like in the game Portal? Yes, you can do that in Panda3D. The best way I think to do that would be to set a StencilAttrib that sets a bit in the stencil buffer when rendering the portals, and then, in a new display region, render the scene again, but with a clip plane and a special stencil attribute applied, and from a different angle.

An alternative method is to use render-to-texture. I believe that this method is demonstrated in the example you showed.