Are DirectGUI feature-suggestions worthwhile?

Given the recent discussion about alternate UI-frameworks, is it worth making feature suggestions for DirectGUI? I’m thinking not of bug-fixes, but of improvements to its behaviour or functionality.

One thought is that, if some other UI-framework is eventually settled on, might it not be preferable to spend time and energy on other features of the engine, rather than implementing DirectGUI improvements?


Until we have a solid plan and timeframe for replacing it, it remains the primary GUI system for Panda3D, used by most users, so improvements are always welcome.

And even if these don’t end up being implemented, they could help give us a clearer idea of the kinds of things we want a possible replacement system to do better.

Fair enough, and thank you for the answer! I’ll probably post a minor suggestion of this sort on GitHub a little later, then. :slight_smile: