ARC 3D + Panda 3D. Any problems?

:bulb: ARC 3D is an online tool to create 3d models from images. I was happy to find ARC 3D&VideoTrace because now I can finally create models for my game programming :smiley:.

  • Have you any experience with that?
  • Is there any possible problem with the tool/rendering/anything else?
  • If I will enchance the model with MeshLab(or something else) but there will still be some jerky polygons/vertexes will it cause any graphical artifacts? Like with lighting or transparency?
  • Will the noise on the textures cause graphical slowdown(AFAIK noise on images increases the texture size and this would mean the memory would have to do more work)?

I am really excited awaitng your replies :exclamation:

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no need to bump your topic for only 48h waiting.
it would be easier for the other people to give you information about 3rd party software if you provide links it.

since i dont know arc3d or videotrace i can only give you the generic answers. if they can export into a file format readable by panda it should work.

jerky triangles can, and most likely will cause lighting issues. transparency is an issue for it’s own, see the manual once you hit those problems.

noisy textures wont slow down rendering.

Sorry, I was out for a while so I forgot the waiting times :slight_smile:

Well, here’s some generic info:

ARC3D is website that provides free image2model translation. Well, all what you have to do is this:
1.) Take some photos of the physical body(thing) you want to have in 3d(in-game)
2.) Through ARC3D’s uploader send it to the site.
3.) The site will generate depth-maps+the model and will send an e-mail with alink to the model
4.) You open it with ARC3D’s model viewer or MeshLab(or anything else that can do it) and “visualize it”.
5.) By “visualizing” is meant that you open the model and creawte a mask for every picture with a brush.
6.) In the next step the program generates the model and voila! Here you go, the model… Really photo-realistic :smiley:

VideoTrace (was an experiment by an-I think australian?-university)is a program that basically extends the idea by video. No need to Capture the images, you need just a camera :smiley:

Unfortunately, the program is still in early deveploment and currently runs the 2nd beta. But you can look at it on youtube and sign for the beta test. Well I did. Still no answer :frowning:

btw I noticed I was writing 3(!) big texts now! I’ll not continue, or I’ll be a spam machine =P