Applying normalmaps

Is there a way to apply normalmap texture to a model within the script?

There used to be a way to do this, but now it seems like the model has to have the normalmap embedded. Is there a way to apply a normal map to a mesh that doesn’t have an embedded normalmap texture?

For terrain this should be a big help in adding to the realism.

Lear shaders… It would take you 5 hours to get it but it will be worth it.

Don’t be ridiculous, of course Panda3D can do it :wink:
All you need to do is create a Normal Map texturestage. It is all explained here: … l_Map_Mode

…that way requires the shader generator. If you want to do it without shaders, you can do it the old way, using NodePath.setNormalMap.


I didn’t look through the texture modes, I didn’t realize that page had been updated. I try that way then.

I’m pretty sure that “NodePath.setNormalMap” doesn’t work anymore. I haven’t got this to work since v1.3.2