Apply texture to GeomNode?

I am trying to apply a texture to a GeomNode. In the manual, there is an unfinished page on this topic… it states that “You will need to use a format with t2 in it, This specifies that you will be giving texture coordinates.” … Can anyone point me to an example or documentation on this?

Did you build the GeomNode from Geoms that you created yourself, using GeomVertexWriter? If so, it means you need to have added a texture coordinates column to the GeomVertexFormat (or used a variant of GeomVertexFormat.getV3t2() that has “t2” is the method name, ie. contains a texture coordinate column), and have written texture coordinates to it using an appropriate GeomVertexWriter.

If you loaded the GeomNode from a model file on disk, then the texture coordinates must have been assigned in the modelling program.

Awesome, that makes sense… thanks