Application Not Loading

Hello! I have yet another problem. I hate to bother the community once again but I don’t have any other means to get help. Here’s my new problem.

My game isn’t loading after building it for windows 10. No errors come on, nor do I have a log file to tell me what’s going on. So I am not sure what the tissue is. My game successfully built so for it to not load up is really frustrating. Please help.

Speaking for myself, you’re not being a bother. :slight_smile:

I’ll copy in my answer from your other thread, slightly edited to account for the move between threads:

Try running your game from the console–that way you might get output that’s skipped over when running the game from its icon.

To do this, open a terminal (i.e. cmd) and run your program–either navigating to the location of your program and then just entering the name of the executable, or entering the full name and path of your executable (as you did with “python.exe” in your other thread).

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By building it, do you mean you used the deployment system to build it into an exe? If so, have you specified a log_filename in your file?

I think first you need to collect an example of asteroids and try to run it to understand the problem of your game or Panda3D.

Yess, correct. I wasn’t taught/told on in the panda3D lesson for beginners that I needed a log file line. Would you mind showing me an example of a log file line.