API Docs up to date?

Hola All!

I was wondering how up to date the api docs are? I was looking for details on gui.DirectGui.DirectButton, and couldn’t find it at the current API docs at:


I also noticed that they were perhaps last run in July 2004? Is there a more recent version of these docs someplace?

Thanks for your time!

P.S. Panda3D is looking to be quite nice! I’ve been looking for a game engine using python for so long, that I had given all too serious/painful thoughts on writing python wrappers to the Torque engine!

Sorry about that. They were generated with a tool called epydoc. Recently, we’ve been having problems with compatibility between panda and epydoc, so we can’t regenerate them. Jason Pratt was working on a solution, but he seems to have forgotten about it. It’s finals week here at ETC so I’m swamped, but soon, it will be summer break, and I’ll have a chance to do something about it.

  • Josh

Not forgotten, but certainly pushed to the side. I might have a chance to work on it this week.

There is a relatively fresh set of docs that you can download here: http://www.schellgames.com/temp/PandaEpydocs.zip

Obviously this is only a temporary solution.

Thanks for the quick responses and great resolution! That was exactly what I was looking for. = )