Anyone know what this error means?

Actor Warning: Models/art/animals/gorilla-egg/gorilla/gorilla.egg is not a character!

I’m trying to a game where you play as a gorilla stomping on panda villages but I get the same error. Also if I try any other models besides the panda for the actor, it gives me that error.

Any thoughts on how to fix?

The EGG file you are loading has not been set up properly to be loaded as an Actor. Generally this will depend on how you exported the EGG file. If the gorilla does not need to animate, you can simply use loader.loadModel instead of creating an Actor. If the gorilla has bones inside and needs to animate, then you need to export it differently. Specifically you need to export it in a way that adds the “Dart” flag in the EGG file.
This thread may be of use:
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I cant get the gorilla to move the problem is not that its not an actor

Well, what are you trying at the moment, and what results, if any (including any errors or output) are you getting?

I believe that I answered your original message regarding why you are getting a particular error message. Is this a different problem entirely, or did you just not mention in the original post?
You will have to be more specific as to what your problem is exactly and provide relevant code.