anyone know how to change an image to a video game character

how do the images look

  • good
  • half way
  • bad

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last night i told my brother to take pictures of his robot for the game im creating.these are the images click on this url to see the images:

how can i change these images to an animated character:?:

you draw it with a 3d app first
texture it
add animation key frames
i suggest blender for this

Your images are bad for texturing.

You either have to use an extreme good macro shot or you are synthetically rebuilding the normal shots you do have now. (means by recreating the texture from scratch with the help of the shots you do have now.)

There should be no shiny stuff ony any part of the picture (otherwise you will get trouble if you want to use the image ingame -> lighting trouble) - and the quality should be outstanding since its better to do high-res textures that you can sample down later on. - otherwise it just looks washed out.

Hope, that helps a bit. :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

well its pretty hard to make toys stand up these days.wellill keep it out of direct sun next time.but how can i get a 3d app :question:

Another one (easy to learn but it can do only static models and its not too easy to import the models into Panda3D) is Wings3D.

Blender and Wings3D are both free and do also have Windows Binaries. Both should be integrated into most distributions. At least they are for/with Debian.

Regards, Bigfoot29