Anyone interested in this?

I’m making a space sim game.

I have the simulator essentially done. I’m adding briefing and debriefing before and after missions and right now I’m mostly writing new missions. (I only have two at the moment)

The problem is that the code requires a joystick. The game really wouldn’t be playable without one and I know most people don’t have joysticks.

So is anyone interested in this?

-Complete HUD/ship console with targeting information.
-Front/Rear radar
-Homing and Standard Missles
-Good AI- ships make their own decisions about who to attack, remember events that happened and adjust. Ships can also take orders from the mission file on start up.
-Support for multiple missions with unique win conditions.
-Introduction with animation (movie) support
-Briefing text loads from the mission file so the story advances with the missions.
-Larger ships have guns that track enemy ships and fire on them but have a limited range of motion so they never point back into the ship while tracking an enemy.

Wishlist features:
Full Network support for multiplayer play.
Ability to issue commands to allied ships.
better briefing/debriefing graphical interface.

Here’s some low-res screenshots … uQ=&size=l … Pc=&size=l … R0=&size=l

Sounds cool! I am planning to make something similar, so it would be nice if I could take a peek at your code :slight_smile: .

I’m interested in seeing your DIrectGUI code, because I’m gonna have to use it soon, and am looking for good examples.

I’m not using any directGui code. At least not for the moment. I plan on do that later.

not bad :slight_smile:
I/we should really get Pand3dProjects going… :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29

I think this would be great at Panda3dprojects.

I want to develop this more. I think I’m at the point where other people can get involved.

My kid brother made a new mission and a new ship. So adding new things to it is pretty easy. Most of my time has been in developing the actual gameplay so if people want to write levels and design ships they could do it pretty easally.

If anyone’s interested in developing it with me, let me know. I have a laundry list of things I want to do.

-I want have the player sign in at the beginning then have the program automatically save their progress so they don’t have to repeat the same missions everytime they play. They can advance through the missions and the story and replay any completed missions.

-I want to have a better pre-simulator experience. Briefing, Debriefing, etc.

  • I want to add network ability so the game can be played as multiplayer.

See this link to download the current version.