Anyone has toon shader?

I dont feel like learning a shading language.
So anyone has any?
PS. I dont use Panda anymore, but you guys still have the most helpful forum.
(yeah i remember panda had a builtin toon effect, lol)
PPS. I got this really cool toon shader settings in Blender… why doesnt Blender just have a “export material as GLSL”? Everything has to be so difficult…

Have you seen the “Cartoon Shader” sample program?

Wait, that uses a shader file? :open_mouth:

The “Basic” sample uses Panda’s built-in toon rendering capabilities, the “Advanced” sample uses a custom shader.

I just found out, Blender can convert material settings to glsl commands for Blender Game Engine.
Though you can’t save it as a GLSL file. Most of the stuff is coded. I dont think it would be hard to add that feature to Blender. Shouldnt we make a poll or something at Blenders site?

That would be nice. I’m struggling with how it converts some texture mixing modes myself, so seeing its generated GLSL code would greatly helpful for me too.

Well, i was able to view my material settings (toon) in the 3d view via GLSL.
But how no clue if the glsl script is stored somewhere/or if it is even stored.
Tried hexing the blend file, looked in AppData/BlenderFoundation. Looks like its generated in realtime and isnt stored anywhere. … The_script
This link mentions some “” script that is inside the Blend file. However i couldnt get that to load. Maybe its my english, that tut doesnt work for me.
Could that script by any chance be storing the shader code?
Edit: no, its a manually written glsl code…

Ok maybe this is a better link: … rials/GLSL
Is anyone of you by any chance familiar with the Blender python scripting?
Quote from link:

What source?