Any tips for total newbie in 3D games programmer?

Hi, I’m just starting to converting from 2d to 3d, first of all I’ll show my skillz:
Evolution from game maker click&drag games to first commercial-quality games.
My first game(LOL!):

And my last game:
So, and what I am asking, if you have any tips, quick start guide for me.
P.S.:I didn’t read the manual yet, but I got some d3d game programming experience!(I think I made a maze that used a sphere and blocks)

hi and welcome to your first step of evolution away from game-maker.
a few things you might want to do:
reading the absolute beginner thread here on the forum.
read the manual. you can find links there to good recources for learning python.
learn programing with python ,learn panda.
work throught the samples which come with the panda installation.
before you take all the trouble you should have a game-idea, small one. really small one. reasonable small to finish it. so i mean really small.

then you might want to learn how to create content. means learn how to use 3d-modelling packages such as blender, max or maya. maybe milkshape, wings or so would do,too.
also important for most games is texture painting.
then you need animations, sound and and and…
you have a long road to go…
just start with projects as small as possible. and add things one by one. learn one thing at time.

tip of the day. be patient with yourself. panda is not a drag&drop game creation kit. it requires you to learn programming, the art of content creation and how a game works.
it takes a lot of time. but its not that hard once you get started.

if you have a more detailed questions feel free to ask,it’s pretty much impossible to give a “how to become successful game-developer” guides. but we can help you with many problems and questions related to the engine, workflow, performance, etc.

na dont get scared by my long explainations. take the solar-system example from your panda installation, the manual and start messing around with it :slight_smile: learning by doing… with reading. it will most likely work out quite welll. ways better than reading a lot and getting scared by the tons of things you read.

I’m makin’ python already 5 years :unamused: doesn’t matter, I got a modeller and I once tried to make my own in DirectPython. So, I meant Panda, not anythin’ else!