Any Plans for Shaders?

Just wondering…

Are there any plans for re-writing P3D’s shaders which deals with Volumetric Lighting, Blur and Cartoon Ink?

The Cartoon Ink can be cleaner (like in the game Faery Legends of Avalon); The Blur effect could be given arguments so that a single object (or actor) can receive it, instead of the whole scene; I have never been able to get Volumetric Lighting to work correctly.

Giving the Bloom Filter the ability to soft glow one object would be nice as well.

All in all… Those shaders are way too expensive and can easily destroy your fps.

I don’t plan on using any of those in my current project, but it would be nice to consider it with other projects.

I feel the best ability P3D has is the bump mapping ability.

Shadows only work if you have a very small scaled game.

Those changes would be something else for future versions of P3D because I already know… Even if those changes did happen, they will most likely not be added to older versions of P3D.

Just something to think about for anyone with major shader programming skills.


I admit… I picked P3D over other engines because of two things… A - the engine uses python for an optional language (so does the game vampire masquerade) B - real-time shadows.

When I read real-time shadows… I thought to myself…this engine looks good. :laughing:

Anyone with the news on this?

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