Any experience with networking? (Toontown Private Server)

Ok, so me and a few friends are working on a private server for Disney’s now closed game Toontown Online. We need help figuring out how we can get a database configured for the server but have failed to figure that out. ANy help would be appreciated. (Code will be given in a private message if needed)

I’m working on the same thing. PM me what you have and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Sorry for the late reply, we have gotten to Pick-A-Toon and Make-A-Toon. After you complete Make-A-Toon you hear the music and then shortly afterwards in the log you get a quietzone problem. Me and my friend have been working very hard and i have been figuring out how to save Toons to a toon database. (Using MySQL) DClasses are almost completely done.

What project do you work on? I work on TTH. The truth is that it’s not so easy, if you really wanna make it, consider using something like Astron (made by TTR team btw), which has database integrated. In TTH, I implemented my own db schema, which is aside of the CR (tried integrating them but it caused awful lag). Good luck!

I’ve gotten to the Playground, but crashes when you enter streets, nothing interacts with you yet, you can’t play trolley. fish, fight cogs, just the basics… Speedchat(Without OpenChat), Walking, and using Pythoninjector to modify the toon… And it all runs off of a toon specified in the server… The DNA of a Cat named Toon, most DistributedObjects arent there, Mickey was added the other day but he just sits there in a Halloween costume cuz my friend changed his DNA in the server :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like TTRev xD afaik you use just a server emulator with Disneys client.

The reason it crashes on streets is because you need to tell the server that it is “allowed”. To do this, you need to take text from the dc files (not directly, because you need to change stuff) and then add it to your server.txt which is most lielly saved on a web hosting site. Is it possible that I could help you out with this project? I started on one, but never got finished and I gave up.